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Reinvent your value proposition in a changing market

Expand your offer, build customer loyalty and increase your margins through insurance. With the bankruptcy of emblematic Tour Operators and the COVID crisis, new risks have emerged, giving rise to new protection needs. Insurance is becoming a key factor in the customer's decision making process. At the same time, the rise of the major booking platforms and regulatory changes are reshuffling the deck and leading to the emergence of new players. In the face of these profound transformations, Moonshot delivers the solutions you need to stand out in this changing environment.

Changing usage and a wealth of offers mean that customers are increasingly volatile; it can cost up to 12 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. At the heart of loyalty strategies, our contextual insurance solutions provide personalized coverage to increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to secure data processing, our algorithms adapt the offer to each customer's needs and our hyper-intuitive customer journeys, with automatic or "one-click" claims, reinvent the insurer-insured relationship.

According to Contentsquare, the travel sector has one of the lowest conversion rates in the market, with an average of 1.85%. In addition to fostering loyalty through a best-in-class experience, contextual insurance allows you to identify and respond to your prospects' requirements by removing the barriers to purchase to maximize conversion in the sales funnel.


Moonshot Insurance is chosen by distributors because its integrated insurance products inspire confidence. We make insurance simple and useful for your customers with easy, real-time handling. Moonshot Insurance brings you a new revenue stream and a positive impact on your brand. Create your offer, make it dynamic with innovative and covering products, diversify it to generate more income, address new targets with more personalized products, stand out with Moonshot!

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The leading Insurance-As-A-Service platform: Give your customers the protection they need

Moonshot Insurance is shaping the future of tourism by offering innovative, easy-to-use coverages and simplified claims processes.

Give your customers the coverage they want

Customers are increasingly involved in their travel experience; they have high expectations and are looking for the flexibility that has become a "must have". Their priority is to fully live their trip and eliminate any source of stress, which the pandemic has exacerbated. Cancellation insurance is the number one concern for 90% of French people. At the dawn of lockdowns and restrictions, the French and Europeans are nevertheless on the move, marked by an increase in domestic travel intentions.

Providing the ideal coverage is undoubtedly the most appropriate way to prepare for the sector's recovery.

Our ambition is to simplify insurance, which is often perceived as opaque, inconvenient and complicated to trigger in the event of a claim. We do this through our wide range of products with immediate payouts, simplified claims journeys and clear, innovative coverage.

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Maximise your sales with our white label solutions: they're flexible and quick to implement.

Quickly integrate our solutions on your own terms to get started quickly with a seamless journey. All our products are exposed through our platform using REST APIs, to integrate with your customer journeys and allow you to offer the products either bundled with your travel offers, or packaged into your loyalty programs.

White label customer journeys to enable direct marketing approaches through targeting or retargeting based on data and our customer profiling and dynamic pricing capabilities.

To find out more and discover our technological know-how for contextual insurance, click here.

The integration was very easy with Moonshot Insurance teams. We are looking forward to work together and make more innovative offers to our clients.

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