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Insurance adapted to a changing industry

Moonshot Insurance provides solutions to new mobility actors, whether they are bike manufacturers, specialized retailers, e-merchants, leasing operators or even managers of fleets of bikes or scooters.

These solutions also perfectly fit in insurance programs embedded in bank cards or payment cards specifically dedicated to mobility expenses (Mobility Card, Sustainable Mobility Package Card, etc.).

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the emergence of two coexisting trends, which are defining tomorrow's mobility and which our products are uniquely suited to address:

  • For some users, a transfer of car ownership to other forms of mobility, such as electric bikes or scooters, makes it necessary to protect these new types of vehicle against breakage and robbery.

  • For others, the end of ownership in favor of on-demand and so-called "shared" mobility (closed-loop rental, free-floating, LCD, LDD), with a protection not of the property but of the individual, whatever the mode of transport used (from vehicle-centric to human-centric)
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Stand out by offering end-to-end solutions

New mobility players, don't settle for your core business and increase your margins through insurance.

Traditional distributors such as specialty stores and multi-sport retailers are witnessing the arrival of new distributors on the bicycle market. New specialized retailers are emerging, and new players from the mass retail sector and pure players are also entering the market.

Faced with this change in distribution channels, each channel is trying in its own way to make the most of the game by offering new services (rental, insurance, repair, maintenance, etc.).

The ability to offer insurance is becoming a "must have", allowing you to generate additional revenue but also to stand out by offering a complete package.

Thanks to our flexible and easy to implement white label solutions, you can integrate our products on your merchant site quickly, autonomously, and get a jump start with a seamless journey. All of our products are exposed through our REST API, allowing you to retain control of your customer journey and trigger coverage at the moment of the vehicle sale or rental.

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Offer your customers protection adapted to their uses

Thinking "use" is good, thinking "useS" is even better

The emergence of telematics in the field of mobility has paved the way for new modes of insurance consumption, more flexible and adapted to usage, with personalized pricings based on the time/distance traveled (Pay As You Drive) or the driver's behavior (Pay How You Drive).

Today emerges yet another new mode of consumption: "Pay How you Move", a flexible insurance which is not limited to a single use but adapts to a multimodal way of life: customers now want to be covered whatever the mode of transport used (public transport, bicycle, car, scooter, etc.), on the material as well as on the personal level.

Moonshot allows you to offer your customers a multimodal product which covers all land-based mobilities, both for breakage/theft of rented goods, and for material or corporal damages caused to third parties or to oneself and involving a vehicle.

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Our tailor-made solutions
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Play a central role in the transformation of everyday mobility

Fleet managers, take advantage of this momentum around daily mobility to evolve your offer.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a strong impact on everyday mobility: a decrease in the use of public transport; an increase in telecommuting; an increase in the use of soft mobility, whether for personal vehicles or for rental/free-floating...; a rapid change in usage, also stimulated by incentive-based public policies (land use planning, favorable tax framework, mobility budget)

The bicycle or scooter fleet market is in full expansion: bike-sharing/scooter fleets in free-floating or in companies, company bicycles for personal and professional trips, hotel fleets... but fleets bring additional management responsibilities, and the need for a rental-friendly insurance coverage.

Moonshot conceives insurance products targeted to fleets of bikes or scooters, whether for leasing or in B2B2C: unlimited breakage, coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case of theft, transport voucher to go back home in case of breakage or theft, family sharing... A simple product with simplified digital customer paths, and automatic and rapid compensation thanks to our OCR technology for the analysis of supporting documents!

And to encourage usage and thus make your fleets more profitable, we also offer a range of services to be integrated into your white-label applications: tracking tool and CO2 savings achieved through the use of a bike or scooter, map of the nearest secure parking lots, driving score...

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