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Insurance on par with the innovation standards of (Neo) banking and payment players.

Moonshot Insurance provides next-generation insurance solutions to deliver the new uses that consumers have come to expect. We work with actors and neo-actors to enhance their offers and strengthen their positioning in this new environment.

Whether you are a bank, a neo-bank, a fintech, a PSP, a payment or credit institution, an aggregator, an e-wallet card issuer, a card scheme, or an e-merchant/retailer offering financial services to your customers, discover how Moonshot Insurance allows you, thanks to its insurance products, to:

  • Bring value to customers, merchants, and consumers who use our services
  • Provide best-in-class customer experience in line with new market standards (journey, instantaneity, contextual and personalized insurance proposition)
  • Bring differentiation that's consistent with your positioning and customer segments
  • Increase Average Revenue Per User
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These new consumption patterns are driving rapid market transformations, as seen for example in the generalization of contactless payment or the increase in the number of cards per capita, boosted by the success of Neobanks offers.

The banking industry and, more broadly, the financial and payment services industry are legitimate distributors of insurance products. Today, insurance has a major role to play in this market transition. Every player must reassure and convince a demanding, volatile clientele who has adopted new standards driven by the digitalization of offers:

  • Instantaneity
  • Perfect customer experience
  • Personalization
  • The right price

Our contextual insurance products meet these new standards, and we are here to help you accompany your customers as their needs evolve, with insurance that matters to them and that covers their real usage and risks (new mobility, cyber security, online payment ...)

Improve customer satisfaction with insurance

Stand out in an ultra competitive environment

Deploying your products quickly and having access to a one-stop shop for implementing, distributing and executing services is an asset to reduce your time to market. This is what we offer with our Insurance As A Service platform where we expose our products' APIs in a standardized way. Our technical know-how allows us to adapt quickly to your requirements and our REST API allows us to interface with your solutions in a fluid, simple and fast way.

Becoming "top of mind" or "top of wallet" is the ambition of every player since the rise of free payment offers and the increase in the number of cards in circulation. Our panel of innovative coveragess broadens your product range and our attention to customer experience in our contextual insurance products allows you to both stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty.

Create additional revenue opportunities, as well as new touchpoints and customer satisfaction, by providing the right product at the right time through personalization and contextualization. By using transactional and contextual data we help you ensure your customers' purchases and moments in life, specifically when they are paid or financed by your solutions, so you become your users' preferred payment method.

Meet your customers' requests for simplification

Your customers demand simple, intuitive and ergonomic digital journeys, in line with what they experience in their everyday life, where any online service is just a click away. Adopting these new standards will contribute positively to your image with your customers who will gladly express it on social networks and become brand ambassadors. This is especially true for insurance, particularly when the customer is experiencing an event where you can make their life easier. Our range of contextual insurance products, with their automatic triggering and immediate indemnification, allows your customer to be taken care of seamlessly. A delayed plane at the airport: proactively send them an access to an airport lounge so that they can wait in comfort! A broken phone screen: one picture is enough to trigger the compensation, which appears directly on their bank account.

Your customers want services that are tailored to them. This means automatically identifying their profile and expectations, and customizing proposals accordingly. The insurance proposals will have to prove their preconceptions wrong and be simple, clear, transparent, at the right price. This is the DNA of Moonshot Insurance.

Customers expect to be able to access their personal data and contracts, modify them and manage their account through a selfcare, with full autonomy. Bundling services allows the end customers to have access to a single point of contact for their financial universe: they manage their banking information, their insurance contracts and their various services in the same place. All the management data related to our insurance products is accessible through our APIs, which allows you to expose them in a secure way and thus enhance your customer portals with self-care functionalities.

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We support you in your market transformation efforts

Our Insurance As a Service platform makes your life simpler when you deploy your offers and our agility allows us to adapt to your integration constraints.

Our solutions are white-labeled and allow for quick customization, ideal for a quick collaboration and to reduce your time-to-market.

We can also support you in building a personalized offer for YOUR customers with our co-construction workshops. Our product co-creation method gives you the opportunity to design, with our business experts, a product adapted to your specificities and based on your customer insights. We combine this approach with a promise of operational delivery in 90 days.

We provide technological and regulatory support throughout Europe, making us the ideal solution for your pan-European programs. We have both risk carrying and placement capabilities for our insurance products across Europe. Additionally, our Insurance As A Service platform hosted on AWS is by construction operational and scalable across Europe.

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Thanks to Moonshot Insurance and their large range of innovative and customizable insurance products, we offer dedicated products for our community in our financial marketplace!

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