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In a highly regulated energy market, insurance services represent a competitive advantage to attract and retain your customers thanks to additional services.

Customers satisfied with their insurance product
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Tailor-made products for your customers

Smart grids are shaping opportunities by enabling data-driven approach.

Moonshot Insurance co-creates tailor-made solutions by using the latest technologies in the Internet of Energy, such as machine learning and parametric triggers to deliver cost effective and meaningful products for your customers.

Digital Is the New Normal

Having a fully digital customer experience is a growing customer expectation. Digital claims generate an average increase of customer satisfaction score by 20 points.

Our Insurance-As-A-platform turns insurance into a fully digital customer experience enabling your customers to fully manage their policy from underwriting to claim.

(Source: McKinsey)

Renewable energies
Our tailor-made solutions
API for Energy Insurance

The best in class Insurance-As-A-Service

Moonshot Insurance offers a modular and scalable Insurance-As-A-Service plateform operating securely, in real time.

Customized API-integration allows you to natively integrate our restAPIs in your services for a smoother, more transparent and personnalized customer experience

White label integration offers a customer journey with your own brand logo and color scheme, enabling to reduce time to market and efforts.

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