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Affinity & contextual insurance adapted to e-commerce, a way to remove the brakes on your customers' purchases?

Affinity insurance, contextual e-commerce insurance, what are they exactly?

Affinity insurance is a guarantee that is added to the purchase of a good or a service. Contextual insurance goes one step further than traditional insurance and aims to offer the right product, at the right time and with the right customer experience, based on the distributor's data and public data.

As a concrete example, let's look at our "Delayed Delivery" insurance: the customer has purchased a good on an e-commerce site. The delivery of this good was delayed. A delay that we were able to detect in real time thanks to navigation data, shopping cart content and amount, as well as the volumes or characteristics of the goods that were sold. With all this data, we are able to automatically compensate the customer for the delay: refund, next delivery offered...

Moonshot Insurance has been a pioneer in the e-commerce insurance field for 4 years by building close collaborations with e-commerce pure players, and our customers have noticed an increase in their sales after embedding our contextual insurance products.

Electronic goods

No matter what products you sell, we help you protect your customers, and offer them simplified and innovative coverages focused on their needs. Insurance services we offer are tailored to all the e-commerce verticals (textile, high tech appliances, small and large household appliances, DIY,...) with a large range of offers: insurance against breakdown, breakage, theft, transport breakage, assembly error, cosmetic damage, etc. And if you don't find what you're looking for in our product catalog,we can build it together!

What if you too started using contextual e-commerce insurance to increase your sales?


E-retailers, build customer loyalty and boost your key performance indicators thanks to contextual insurance

Boost your conversion rate

According to a study conducted by Forrester, 66.5% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website simply because insurance coverage is offered at checkout. If 7 out of 10 consumers are more likely to buy a product when insurance is offered, you can imagine the positive impact of a contextual e-commerce insurance on your bounce rate.

Maximize the value of your average basket

As an e-commerce player, your conversion rate and the value of your customers' average shopping cart are your main concerns. Insurance not only allows you to increase your conversion rate, additional sales of insurance products are also an effective way to improve your average basket, with an increase of up to 20% additional income.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Faced with an increasingly impatient and volatile e-shopper, e-commerce players must redouble their efforts to catch the customer's attention, and then to build loyalty. This is also where we can help you, by providing you with a digital insurance service offer with high added value for the customer, which will add relevance to your loyalty program. An offer that will make you stand out from your competitors and that will bring in positive customer reviews.

Offer simplified customer journeys thanks to affinity & contextual e-commerce insurance

Less fine print, more transparency on coverage and ease of use for the end customer. This is the leitmotiv of the contextual insurance that we strive to apply, with one-click subscription, and real-time data-driven incident detection that automatically triggers customer compensation.

Moonshot support the transition to sustainable consumption, through insurance solutions geared towards repairability, second-hand marketplaces, and the circular economy.

Protecting and insuring your products shows confidence to your customers. With our range of innovative products such as "late delivery", "best price guarantee" or "buy back", which are managed only by trusted partners, you guarantee the conformity, quality and durability of the products you distribute, and you commit to controlling your entire value chain.

More traditional insurance products can also be enhanced in order to reinforce their CSR impact: a "warranty extension product" which extends the generally offered standard warranty periods, and thus encourages repair in the event of breakdown; protection against breakage or theft on second-hand or reconditioned goods; or our "free return" product, where part of the insurance premium is donated to an eco-friendly association.


Discover our contextual insurance products.

Delayed Delivery


Warranty Extension


Free Return


Best price guarantee


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API for ecommerce insurance

We put our technology to work for you

With our flexible, easy-to-implement white-label solutions, you can quickly embed our products in your retail website, to get started quickly and offer a seamless journey. All of our products are exposed through our REST API platform for a seamless integration in your existing customer journey, embedding insurance distribution directly into your products' sales process.

Our parametric pricing engine builds dynamic, customized, real-time quotes, in order to maximize insurance-related revenue, and therefore your channel commissions.

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Client satisfaction is our absolute priority. Moonshot meets an obvious request of our clients, who want to protect their smartphone.

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