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Protect your clients against the surge of cyberattacks


When checking a bank account online, scanning IDs in the cloud, doing shopping on a marketplace or using social media extensively by communicating about their private lives, your customers are constantly exposed to risks associated with their digital lives.

According to a study conducted by McAfee, there was a 600% increase in cyberattacks worldwide in the first half of 2020. Furthermore, it is estimated that 70% of Europeans have been victims of a phishing attempt in the same year. Then it is no longer a question whether you will suffer an act of cyberattack but when you will suffer it.

Cyberattacks can take several forms, summarized in 2 categories:

Acts intended to deliberately harm someone, mostly committed by individuals

  • Cyberbullying: your 13-year-old teenager is fond of online video games and you notice that this is affecting his daily behaviour. You discover that he is the target of hateful online content several times a day, like 30% of young people his age.
  • Online reputation damage: your daughter, a young graduate, is looking for a job. She finds out that she is identified in an image taken without her consent during a party. This comes up first in the Google search results and realizes that 90% of recruiters search directly for the name of their candidates when conducting an interview.

Acts of cybercrime committed by hackers

  • Identity theft: you send an application to rent a flat and provide your bank details and identity papers. An individual behind this false ad gets this information and takes out a consumer credit on your behalf.
  • Data theft: you try to watch a movie through an online streaming website and get ransomware that your antivirus software did not detect. After restarting your computer, you realise that your files are encrypted and can only be accessed upon payment of a €1,000 deposit. Otherwise, all data will be deleted.
  • Online Scam: you find a beautiful holiday home on a private rental website and make a payment to confirm your reservation. The publisher of the rental ad is actually based in another country and has no property there. When you arrive at your destination, the house does not even exist.

Offer your customers effective protection, based on proactive prevention, to unleash their digital potential

Protective measures exist to stand against cyberattacks (e.g. antivirus, password manager, etc.) but these are often limited to professional use and offer only partial coverage.

Moonshot Insurance offers you a range of products dedicated to digital risks, built in a logic of end-to-end customer support, based on 3 pillars:

Hacking detection

Protecting with real-time risk detection

Moonshot Insurance uses technology to detect risk before it occurs so that the customer can be warned and protected more effectively.

For example, our cyberbullying insurance coverage, which is specifically designed for families, includes continuous screening of teenagers' social media accounts to identify hateful content that may be directed at them. This solution automatically removes it from the platform and alerts parents in real time. This keeps the teenager safe and prevents the situation from escalating into harassment. It also helps to create positive engagement on the networks and to fight against this alarming social phenomenon.

Legal support

Identifying the risk through specialist support

The multifaceted nature of cyberattacks can put your client in stressful situations that are difficult to understand: What is my situation exactly? What recourse is available? How long will the procedure take? Moreover, the legal framework may be complex (e.g. media law in the case of e-reputation management) or immature in the case of online harassment. In order to guide your clients and accompany them in the appropriate steps, Moonshot Insurance provides a legal assistance service with unlimited access to experts who will inform you about your rights and obligations in this context.


Dealing with the consequences of a cyberattack

Our coverage responds to the needs of our clients and provides them with concrete solutions depending on the nature of the incident. In the event of a dispute relating to identity theft there is a coverage of legal fees and proceedings if the case is brought before a court, as well as financial losses resulting from the misuse of their identity. In case of online reputation damage (compromising pictures on social networks or defamatory messages) we enable your clients to delete or bury the content that is damaging to them. In the event of cyber-bullying, we support your clients and their children by covering the costs of a consultation with the practitioner of their choice (psychologist, sophrologist, acupuncturist, etc.)

Download our study on your customers' cyber expectations

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Boost your brand image by offering responsible insurance solutions adapted to your customers digital habits

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Banks & Neobanks :

  • 41% of European internet users are reluctant to buy online due to a lack of trust when checking out.
  • Strengthen your position as a trusted third party by offering a complete range of services from risk detection to dispute resolution in the event of identity theft, for example.
  • Enrich your insurance offer by tackling issues with strong societal impact like cyberbullying.
  • Boost your credit card usage and enhance your value proposition with Moonshot Insurance's cyber solution.
Protected family

Telecom operators:

  • 80% of the European population uses internet every day. Be an ambassador for the secure use of personal data and educate your customers by informing them in real time in case of a data leak on the dark web.
  • 44% of under 17s had their first smartphone before the age of 12. Enrich your value proposition to families by supporting parents and children in the use of social networks. Offer a unique protection solution against online hate (detection rate of hateful content > 90%).
Multi-device protection

E-merchands & marketplaces:

  • Enrich your value proposition for electronic devices by offering a complete protection package that goes beyond the object itself and protects the usage.
  • Add a new dimension to your brand image by being identified as an innovative player in the protection of digital life.
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Offer your customers cyber insurance at the right time through different distribution channels

Use the power of contextualisation and offer tailor-made cover based on customer knowledge, product or service purchase situations, and key life moments.

We can help you to think together about the distribution channels and methods best suited to your business:

  • As an option in your customer journey at the time of purchase of a good or service
  • As a standalone service via a white-label subscription front end accessible from your website or your customer portal
  • As part of your existing insurance package (e.g. cyber cover included in home, school or personal accident insurance)
  • As part of the cover provided by a bank card or as an option when choosing a bank card (with means of payment insurance, for example)
  • As part of an existing service package or subscription linked to a loyalty program

With our flexible and easy-to-implement white label solutions, we enable you to integrate quickly. All our products are available through our REST API platform to seamlessly integrate within your customer journey.

Our technology dedicated to cyber insurance