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Meaningful innovations at every stage of the value chain

Innovative Insurance product

Innovative product design

  • Simple & transparent conditions
  • Protection for the new consumption patterns
  • Customizable policies
Insurance Product Subscription

Smooth & transparent underwriting process

  • One-click underwriting
  • Dynamic risk profiling & pricing
  • A/B testing capacities
Insurance implementation

Quick & seamless integration

  • Plug & Play experience with an API architecture from the underwriting to the claim process
  • Quick time-to-market with our white-labelled customer journeys
innovative insurance management

Innovative claim management

  • Immediate compensation without any proofs required
  • Parametrically triggered claims thanks to real-time event tracking
  • Real time damage detection with computer vision

Solutions for your business

Thanks to our industry knowledge, we provide solutions tailored to your needs

Arrow icon Travel industry

Offer your customers a worry-free travel experience with complete protection.

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Arrow icon E-retailers

Boost your e-commerce platform with insurance services.

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Arrow icon Banking Services

Offer insurance on your financial marketplace, or directly integrated into your premium accounts.

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Arrow icon Platform economy

Protect your user community with dedicated, customized insurances.

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Arrow icon Entertainment industry

Give your customers a confident experience when purchasing tickets for events with complete protection.

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Arrow icon Energy Utilities

Unlock the potential of smartgrid with the integration of innovative insurance

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Arrow icon Co-creation

Through our product factory, we (co)-create customized insurance products between 30 and 90 days.

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Travel industry insurance

The best in class Insurance-As-A-Service

Moonshot Insurance offers a modular and scalable Insurance-As-A-Service plateform operating securely, in real time.

Customized API-integration allows you to natively integrate our restAPIs in your services for a smoother, more transparent and personnalized customer experience

White label integration offers a customer journey with your own brand logo and color scheme, enabling to reduce time to market and efforts.

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Expand your business with Moonshot Insurance !

The management of insurance contracts is a key issue for us, this partnership with Moonshot Insurance helps us to meet an important demand from our customers for simplification, flexibility, and above all, support adapted to their needs.

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Moonshot Insurance is full of exciting challenges.

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